Why Shop American?

Supporting American glassblowing companies over cheaper imported glass products is a way for retail stores to invest in quality, innovation, and local communities. American glass artists are the driving force behind this art form, constantly pushing boundaries and innovating. They take pride in using higher-quality materials, ensuring that each piece is a work of art. By supporting American glassblowers, you're also supporting small, often family-owned businesses that contribute to the local economy. These companies pay fair wages to American workers, strengthening local communities. Choosing American-made glass products not only guarantees superior quality but also fosters a culture of creativity and sustains livelihoods in the USA.

  • Gilyum Glass

    Will is an up in coming new gen artist based out of Virginia that makes heady production since 2018. His unique full coil spoons to rigs has given stores an easy access to offer end users an American option for reasonable shelf prices.


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  • Joe Gronkowski

    Joe has been an artist since 2000 out of New York.  His production of well priced spoons are an amazing addition to any shop offering a great selection on the shelf for under $30.

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  • Symetrik

    Ty and Mckaylla have been throwing it down since 2016. Symetrik was officially established in 2019.  Based out of Oregon, they bring some of the best American made recyclers for the price on the market.

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  • Hitwell Glass

    Joe Hitwell blowing out of Sherman Oaks, CA


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  • Built2Last

    Mike has been an artist since the early 2000’s bringing his unique style of reversal, dichro and opal slides to our market.  Based out of Southern California he has always been a must have inside your shop.

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  • Chameleon

    Ken has been producing since 1991!  A real trendsetter on bringing the American production pipe availability to numerous stores across America. Being the originator of one of the greatest trade shows A.G.E, Ken is still leaving his mark to this very day.


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  • Cosmik

    Jeremiah from Cosmik Glass has been working as a glass artist in Wasilla, Alaska since 1999. Cosmik was established in 1977 bringing his own flavor of American production with lots of full coil color available right at your fingertips.  

    IG: @cosmicglassinc777
    Tiktok: @cosmicglassak
    FB: Cosmic Glass Inc

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  • Envy Glass

    Envy Glass Designs is committed to designing products for all adult tobacco connoisseurs who desires the natural filtration benefits of water.

    All Envy products are made in Southern California


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  • GNOB

    Roylee has been an Artist since 2015. Based out of Colorado,  His American production tubes have intensified over the course of the last few years. It has been a pleasure to see all the unique talents come to life and is a line up you need in your shop.

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  • Jerome Baker Designs

    Jason and Jordan established JBD in 1991 helping pioneer the foundation of what we are today.  Bringing you that ever so famous 3D sculpted artwork for your tubes.  Being world renowned, they still are trend setting by making the “ World's largest bong” that can be seen on social media as well if you're lucky, at a select few local headshops.

    IG: jerome_baker//jeromebaker

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  • Jelly Fish

    Deborah & Joe at Jellyfish glass makes approximately 75% of their product line in house and works with a team of talent glassblowers around the country, one if their mottos is #happilyhandcrafted in USA.

    They are grateful to be one of America’s oldest, longest running, independently owned and operated glasspipe production shops, and pride themselves in making beautiful, functional and affordable pieces.


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  • M&M Tech

    Martin has been producing American Headies since 1998 out of Southern California. They offer wide price range of American Rigs and Waterpipes from $30.00 on up. Quality is top notch with lots of Reversal, wig wag and 1st quality American Colors.  


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  • Zong

    Edwin has been a staple in our industry since 1991,  being one of the most well recognized lines still to this day. Edwin also owns the legendary Graffix and Blue Dot as well as launching his new company Zong Pens in 2022. His sought after tubes as well as affordable thick spoons has been a must have inside shops.


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  • HVY Glass

    One of the oldest brands still in the game. Heavy Glass is known for its super heavy bases and unique fumed color glass art.


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  • Zob Glass

    Zob Glass was one of the pioneers in scientific glassblowing.


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