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Lookah Seahorse Pro PLUS Electric Nectar Collector Kit

Lookah Seahorse Pro PLUS Electric Nectar Collector Kit


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All- New & Improved 

The Lookah Seahorse Pro PLUS Electric Nectar Collector Kit is the second generation of the sought-after Lookah Seahorse Pro. Although it looks like the Lookah Seahorse Pro, this new release is now compatible with the newer Lookah Seahorse 2.0 Tube Coils. The Lookah Seahorse 2.0 Tube Tips are straw-like, meaning they are petite and skinny in build. In addition, they have numerous layers of quartz or ceramic surrounding the outside and inside of the heating element. This updated design helps to diminish the chances of the concentrate coming in contact with the hot wire coil. 

When the concentrate touches a heated wire, it burns the wax instead of vaporizing it, leading to harsher, less flavorful hits. The Lookah Seahorse 2.0 Tube Coil delivers a more even vaporization every dab, and they also heat up to higher temperatures, are more durable, and provide a more full-flavored experience. The Seahorse 2.0 Tip Coils will provide those huge rips without compromising on flavor. They are equipped with a larger contact surface area and a larger airway allowing the consumer to take in more vapor. 

The Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus contains a 510 thread coil connection allowing the device compatibility with both the Seahorse Pro Quartz Coils and the Seahorse Pro Ceramic, as well as Wax Tanks. Like its predecessor, the Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus operates on two modes, either automatic or manual. Both modes can be used with all three pre-set temperature settings. Automatic mode is when users place their device into preheat mode, following sesh-mode, which allows the tip to maintain the desired temperature for up to 30 seconds at a time. Manual mode is self-explanatory, just pressing the button, waiting for the tip to heat up, and then edging it into your concentrates. This mode is equally magnificent, especially for those quick dabs on the go. 

The Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus features a magnetic connection for the Tip Cap, which helps save potential damage from happening to your coils or tips. The cap is the added protection for your Seahorse 2.0 Tips, preventing any lint or debris from getting into the tube. The Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus also incorporates a 650mAh battery, Type-C Charging Port, 15-second heat-up times, and three temperature settings. 

What's Included:

  • (1) Seahorse Pro Plus
  • (1) Magnetic Tip Cover
  • (1) Connection Hose 
  • (1) 14/18mm Adapter 
  • (1) Silicone Hose with Adapters
  • (1) Seahorse Coil type III
  • (1) Cleaning Brush
  • (1) USB- C Cable ​
  • (1) Type 5 Seahorse Coil

Compatible With:

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including nicotine, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

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